Open you own Online Business
Fab Geni is an online solution that allows you to start an e-commerce online business on your Facebook page
What is F-commerce ?
F-commerce or a Facebook store allows you to sell your products & services directly from a Facebook page and website. It is a user-friendly, affordable e-commerce solution for online businesses
Affordable & Effective Online Marketing
Our Facebook shop solution does not require expensive SEO optimization. Marketing can be done by means of social sharing, like discounts and selling products for likes.
Sell Products for Likes
Get the full benefit of viral marketing by selling your products & services for "LIKES". Set your price in "LIKES" & let the sharing begin
Need Social Media Management ?
If you need help with your Social Media Management,more likes? Fans? Followers? contact us on our website www.fabgeni.com

What does the Fab Geni social shop allow me to do ?

You can build an e-commerce platform that allows you to sell your goods/ services directly from your Facebook page and your website

How do I sell in South African Rand ?

We currently only use payfast as a South African paygate.

In order to sell in Rand you will have to open an account with payfast.

You can do this at www.payfast.co.za.

Payfast will allow you to receive funds from credit cards and instant EFT and is compatible with all major South African banks.